February 7, 2016

5 Months of Andie

Oh my goodness!
This little cutie is 5 months!
Andie is such a happy happy baby.
She is so quick to smile back at anyone!!
She is such a fun girl.

She still has a love affair with cloth.
She shoves everything into her mouth.
You can't even dry her face off with her towel without her grabbing it and eating it!

She is great on her tummy and reaches for everything in and out of reach.

She loves looking at herself in the mirror.
She lights up and thinks she's pretty cute.
Do you blame her though?

He love for Miles melts my heart.
She watches everything he does.
She gets so excited to see him every morning and now that she's getting more fun Miles is interacting with her so much more.
They make each other pretty happy.

Her funniest thing at the moment are her mini crunches.
They are hilarious. 
She'll lift that head up and look at her toes mid playing, mid diaper change, mid...whatever.
It is so cute!!!

She's chatty and a busy body!

She is still rolling from belly to back but ONLY if she is in the mood.
She kicks to legs and squeals with delight.
She has started scooting and spins around all over the floor.
She sucks in all the smog from LA when she is extra happy.
She grabs my glasses and hair and it hurts.
She is so ready for food-she stares at us when we eat, she follows the spoon to our mouths and she licks those lips.
She is a small one, she's still in size one diapers and barely in 3-6 month clothes.
But don't let the size fool you...she's got a big set of lungs and a strong body!
Andie girl, we love you!

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Patti Carpenter said...

such a cute sweet girl. Go Andie