January 7, 2016

A 4 month old Andie

Andie girl is a big 4 months and is figuring out life is good. 
She is 12.9 lbs-she has doubled her birth weight (good job baby girl)
She is such a happy girl and makes everyone smile.
She is working on raspberries and drool bubbles daily.
She works that tongue, talks/gurgles, and still tries to suck that thumb all.the.time. 

She LOVES Miles!
She lights up when he talks to her and I can not wait to watch their relationship grow. 

She was a trooper at Disneyland on a freezing cold day.
She stayed bundled up in her stroller and smiled.

She is sitting up in the bumbo now and putting everything in her mouth!

She is getting her knees under her but doesn't know what to do after that, so she just cries until I fix the problem.

Most nights I bring the swing in the kitchen while I cook dinner and do the dishes.
We talk to each other and keep each other company during that witching hour.
As long as her belly is full shes a happy camper.

Andie shoves all the blankets and burp cloths in her mouth.
She loves her pacifier 
She is still a spew factory-(all of us go through many outfits a day)
She found her toes
She can roll from belly to back but still not consistently  
She is super alert
Super active
She likes being held looking out to see what is going on
She loves playing under her play mat
She can compete with grown men when it comes to burping!
We sure love our Andie Girl.

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