January 14, 2016

Christmas Morning

I love the excitement of Christmas morning!
It was so fun to wake up with our friends and make the kids wait down the hall in anticipation for what Santa brought.

Santa did indeed come to our house!
He brought frogs, lizards, crocodiles and snakes galore
for this reptile kid

He brought a marble track and EVERY kid loved that thing.

Miles "needed" a new gun so when his little buddies come over there is enough for all to have one.


 A couple of weeks ago I told Miles we were going to the store.
He ran to get his piggy bank and said I want to buy something. 
(he has like 4 bucks in change)
I couldn't deny his excitment.
So, I took a detour to the 99 cent store where he bought himself a candy bar.
BUT the back ground for the story is while we were at the store he said he wanted to buy Romney a present.
So he picked out a snicker and a hot wheel with his own money.
We came home and wrapped it up and he signed his name.

Here is Miles giving his present to daddy and showing him that he wrote his own name.

And here is Daddys reaction.
Probably the sweetest Christmas gift ever!

I have been giving the Stubbs sugar cereal for christmas for a while. 
I'm not sure how it started or why, but it has become tradition.
 Miles helped me pick out each kids box and he picked out lucky charms for Lance.

It was pure joy to watch the boys open their presents!

And I felt pure joy when I opened my Adele CD.

Then finally little miss woke up from her morning nap and joined the chaos.

She was super interested in her new toys.

Miles took his time opening his presents and played with each one!

 He was so excited to add to his train tracks!
(though Miles is adorable, look in the background at cowboy Kade)

and I was excited to add to my jewelry collection 

After all the presents were opened everyone was spread out playing and admiring their new things!


I just sat there admiring these two! 

It was a Merry Christmas!

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