January 14, 2016

Christmas Eve

This Christmas was extra special this year.
We had Ethan and Amys  family with us for a week.
Ethan and Romney have been best friends since they were 11 and I love his wife and their 6 kids.
They stayed with us the 23rd through the 31st.
Miles was in heaven with all the kids and called them his "cousins"
(in fact Miles is sitting on my lap as I type this and he yelled "look my cousins" when I put these pictures up)

Christmas Eve morning we cranked up Christmas music while we decorated the sugar cookies we baked for Santa. 

And we know if were making one for Santa....

...we need one for ourselves too....

That evening the Stubbs went to Ethans parents for dinner and we stayed home
where Andie ate pine needles and ornaments under the tree.
(It has been so sweet to have a baby during Christmas time.)

We were lucky enough to score alone time with Grammy and Grandpa Neil.
They joined us for a yummy dinner that consisted of Mexican Barbque, rice, beans and gingerale.

We played Bingo, memory and the fishing game with them.
It made my heart so happy.
Everything is crazy, loud, and busy leading up to Christmas so to have a quiet, peaceful and cute evening with my family was awesome.

After grammy left, we let Miles open one present!
It was Christmas jammies for he and Andie. 
He thought is was so funny that they had matching jammies.

Soon enough the Stubbs came back and got in their jammies.
We all piled in the living room 
where we read the Nativity from the Bible and read Christmas books.

We finished the night by reading Twas the Night Before Christmas, put cookies out for santa, tucked in the babes and the elves stayed up putting together toys.

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