December 30, 2015

A 3 month old Andie Girl

Once my babies turn 3 months I want time to slow down!!!
The first 12 weeks are so hard, tiring and such a blur that you aren't aware of what is up and what is down.
But some magical button is pushed at 12 weeks and life is manageable and you start showering  again.
And now that things have mellowed out some, we want to freeze time to take it all in.
We want to remember everything!

We love having Andie in our family.
She is such a happy baby!

She has discovered those fingers and puts her thumb into her mouth.
I love when she brings both hands together under her chin and just holds them there.
It so sweet.

She is becoming a big fan of dad. 
I'm not sure who is loving on who....

Andie is doing awesome on tummy time.
Every night during Miles bedtime routine she lays on the quilt grammy made and plays.

(oh that face!!!)

She loves her play mat, and cracks me up every time I check on her...she's always in a new spot and new position.
Andie has started to roll from her tummy onto her back.
Its not a daily thing but it has started...

She is pure joy.
She coos and gurgles when you talk to her.
She is so quick to smile back at you.
She started using those hands and grabbing for toys...(she made that discovery on the airplane returning from Boston. I had no baby toys in the diaper bag yet, so a wipes container it was)
She loves her pacifier!
The girl can scream so loud when she wants that thing and we regret every second of it if we forget one!!!(we now pack 2-3 pacifiers anywhere we go)
She is the most happy when she is fed and well rested...(aren't we all?)
She shoves all her blankets into her mouth.
She is a HUGE spewer!
No really, she doesn't just spit up...she opens her mouth and everything comes up and out and down.
Lots of outfit changes, burp cloths, and laundry with this one.

Happy 3 Months Andie Girl
we love you!


Stubbs Love said...

She is adorable!!

Christine said...

So cute! I love her smiles! She's precious!

Sheryl said...

She is perfection! It makes me so happy to see the joy she is adding to your family! Such a beauty just like her mommy!