January 15, 2018

The Cat is Out of the Bag....

It's true, it's true.
We are adding to our family this spring.

We are all so excited around here!
This is nothing short of a miracle and it has a long story attached to it.
But here it goes:

My friend Christy has been offering to try to have a baby for us for years.
She offered up her uterus before Miles was born and after he was born.
 She even offered before Andie was born.
Each time we said "you are so nice, but no thank you."

7 years ago when Romney and I were trying to get pregnant we tried 4 rounds of IVF.
All negative.
My body just can't do it!
On our last IVF cycle we had 4 remaining embryos that the doctor put in the freezer.
Thinking maybe we'd try a frozen cycle.
We decided to take a break from infertility and process....it was in that break we were led to adoption.
We have no regrets and have never looked back or even wondered "what if."

5 years later we received a bill in the mail stating we owed a hefty freezer storage fee at the fertility clinic.
All these years later?
 I totally forgot about those things.
I told my sister about the bill and she offered to pay for the bill as long as I found a warm body to put those embryos in.
I wasn't baby hungry....Andie was due in 2 months!
 Within a couple of days of talking with my sister my friend Christy called once again to offer us her uterus.
 I told her what was going on and that is how the ball starting rolling.
We started planning and knew in a couple of years we were going to do this.

And just like that 2 years later, she flew to California where we put in two frozen embryos in HER uterus from 7 years ago.
Unfortunately, with all the hype the result was negative.
It didn't work.
But we had two more left in the freezer.
At this point we had to try one more time.
So the very next month she was here again.
The doctor transferred our last two beautiful embryos in her uterus.
And low and behold it worked.
She was pregnant.

We held onto this fun secret for a very very long time.

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Trisha said...

That is so exciting!! Congratulations.
Miracles never cease to come. Your Heavenly Father always knows where you are in life and what works best. I'm so excited for you guy and I don't even know you! :)