November 20, 2008

we call it home

ThE dReAdEd BaThRoOm!!!! But it is our dreaded bathroom!! This is the master bathroom that we have never used in the year we've owned this place that we call home. When the house was inspected we were told the existing shower floor was "spongy" and that we'd "probably be okay to use it". To add to the sponge the tile floor was disgusting and the toilet was filthy. MMMmmm, doesn't that sound delightful?
So to fix the problem we threw out the spongy shower, the filthy toilet and the gross tile. Rather than replace the shower, we bought a bathtub!(super excited) To go along with a new tub, you need new tile and with that, you need a clean new toilet...this is beginning to sound like If you give a mouse a cookie... Even though Romney is home I haven't seen him. This is why.
The tile is drying waiting to be grouted.

Thank you Romney!


Jenny said...

That is going to look awesome!! Good work Romney!!

Heidi said...

Love the tile choice... everything you do... super classy! I cant wait to see the finished product!

Kurt And Jeana said...

oh how exciting... I love taking baths. That will be so nice when it is all done

Alison said...

Great work Romney! I'm so impressed with your skills. You're hired!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

I love that book, if you give a mouse a cookie and yes this post is written just like it! YEAH for the bathroom being almost done and clean and new!!! Can't wait to see it ALL DONE!!!