December 8, 2008

Thanksgiving recap

It was so fun to have our older brother out for Thanksgiving this year! Our sister wasnt able to make it but we do love her and are glad she had a good Thanksgiving too. It was fun to have three of us kids together and we were able to enjoy a fun week that consisted of:

Melting Pot...first timer and it was amazing
Thanksgiving Dinner
Midnight idea...not so fun the next day
Christmas lighting...missed the lighting ceremony
late nights
and of coarse
Cactus Cooler
Here are some of the fun things we did over the break...


Alison said...

Way to rub it in that we missed out! =) J.K. I know you know that's just the way it goes sometimes. LOVED the pics you took! Yes, I really do want to go there and I want to go with the whole family too. Glad you had such a fun time with everyone. I'm bummed we missed it but by golly, next time....we're there! =) Love you and miss you!

Chris and Jenn said...

Looks like so much FUN! Chris & I wanted to go to The Melting Pot for our anniversary but I had bad morning sickness so that will have to wait!

Heidi said...

How fun! I have never been to the melting pot, and want to go so badly! Looks like you all had a blast! Love family time!