August 16, 2012

Signed, Sealed and Delivered

The 6 month mark is very exciting in the adoption world.
It is the time when all can be finalized.

On July 26th, 2012 we went to court where we stood before a judge and made a promise that we 
would love and care for our child as if he were our own flesh and blood.
We promised that our child we receive the same rights and become our heir as if he were our flesh and blood.
 We signed our names willingly,
 and thrilled that this was almost done.
 Miles slept through the excitement,
 But literally woke up the second our family applauded when the judge announced
finalization of Miles adoption.
I whispered to Romney that it felt like we just got married.

One week later on our 9th wedding anniversary 

Some family flew in, some family drove from far away places, and some live around the corner,
but all made a huge sacrifice to be a part of our special day.
It was the middle of the week, in the middle of the day.
We love our families and appreciate the love and support they have shown towards baby Miles.
 Miles was darling the whole day.
He blew raspberries and cooed at everyone.
 He was a trooper in the over 100degree weather.
 I loved celebrating our anniversary in the temple with our baby.
I love that we are all sealed together forever.
I love my little family.
 I didn't know my heart would ever feel this way.
  I didn't know the amount of love I could possibly have for a baby.
I didn't know that being a mother could change you.

and now I do 
and I am grateful.


Sarah Hull said...

I didn't know I could cry so hard over one blog post and now I do. Oh friend how I love this and how my heart could burst with happiness for you!

jayna said...

What a beautiful post and occasion! Congrats again and again!

Lindz said...

Such happy days! So happy you get to experience it all!! :)

Lindz said...

Such happy days! So happy you get to experience it all!! :)

Powell's Place said...

What a great event to experience! Thanks for sharing this amazing, peaceful moment in your life :).

Jenn and Chris said...

I cried too reading this post! What a special day for your little fam! We are so happy for you guys!

Meagan Cooper said...

Congrats IKA AND RIKA! On your special day! Love you guys! Can't wait to meet MILES! Might be coming your way October or November, let's play if possible!

The Gray Family said...

YAY!!!! My eyes did tear up a bit as I read this. It was a long and crazy road for you, but look how wonderful everything is now! He is adorable, and I am thrilled for you and your cute little family :>)

Christy said...

Congratulations!!!! Everything about this was beautiful. Im so happy you're SO HAPPY!!!!!

Heidi said...

such a special time for you guys!! I am so thrilled that you all were sealed together!!


Tanya said...

So So happy for you guys!

megan&steve said...

Great work you three. Happy anniversary and happy sealing day! I think about you all the time.

Emily said...

Best day ever for your lil' family. You look so amazingly happy girl!!!!

Sara said...

This is so lovely.
I'm so happy for you guys.

The Williamsons said...

Love you guys!So happy for you!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Yep, Im crying! I love you and your beautiful words and your beautiful family!

Heather G said...

What a HAPPY DAY!! He is the cutest little guy ever, I am obsessed with his fluffy hair. What a perfect anniversary present. He and Ty will be good buds, they seem to be doing the same things and make the same little facial expressions. They'll graduate in 2030 - crazy!! Then off to BYU-I together??! Nah, lets keep them itty bitty forever ;)