September 26, 2012

7 Months

 Miles is growing growing growing....
and so is his hair.
He is Justin Beiber by day and flock of seagulls by...
well naptime.

Miles is always brought into our room when he wakes up in the morning.
Which as you can see- he has some great bed head.
He hangs out in our bed and we chat about our nights sleep and what is on the daily agenda.
Going back to bed is always the hope for that agenda.
Sometimes were successful and sometimes we are up with the chirping birds....

Miles LOVE for Magnus kills me.
He seriously lights up when ever he sees him.
Magnus does take a beating on a regular basis with eye poking, ear pulling and tail biting.
I do stop the tail biting for those who are grossed out.

Dad is pretty popular these days.
Miles reaches up to grab his face and rip his nose. It's adorable.
He has a funny fascination with Daddys ears and Mommys hands.
Miles tries with all his might to crawl.
But he still does not.
He gets on all fours and rocks back and forth but...nothin.
But...he can get to the sit position.
Soon enough Miles, soon enough.
Bath time is a fun time.
He splashes so hard, I walk away pretty wet.
He loves playing with the baby rubber ducky most.

and the biggest change at 7 months is....
a haircut.
He looks so handsome and so old.
It made me sad it cut so much off his cute little head, but he needed it.
he was beginning to look like Chris Farley.

Some fun things that cute Miles is doing:

Is using his finger and thumb to eat PUFFS
Can turn the page when we read books
Can hold his own bottle
Started to wave "hello"
Started rolling the ball back to me
Loves eating squash
Makes a yucky face with peas but will still eat the whole serving
Discovered women's jewelery- especially on Sundays  
and my personal favorite....
doesnt hold still during a diaper change.

Miles you're a good one.
You are growing too fast.
Happy 7 Months baby boy.


Christine said...

He's such a cutie.I have a picture of Jacob sitting against a pillow with wild hair just like Miles...ironically at the same time I was ready for his first haircut! His hair looked just like that!

Lindz said...

He's such a cutie....I love his haircut! :)

jayna said...

Between you and my sister, these cute boys are looking like fun! Miles is absolutely scrumptious! I love this time with babies- before they can get away from you, but they giggle and play so adorably!

Carrie and Shane said...

Best. Hair. Ever. I love your updates!

megan&steve said...

I love the updates and pictures, too. So many milestones. Once he figures out the crawling business, he will be everywhere!

Lacy Rane said...

Love these pictures . . . especially the first one! Classic. Can't wait for him to start crawling and really causing mischief!

Heidi said...

I love his hair cut! Porter is just getting hair back... He is too cute!

The Williamsons said...

I still love that the bear is there encouraging him to crawl...haha. He's so cute!