November 13, 2012

9 Months

You stop growing.
This is going toooo fast.

We feel like every month is better than the last.
We feel like each stage is the cutest.
We feel like there is NO way we could love him anymore but, our hearts keep filling up on more Miles.
We're obsessed,
It's awesome.

Miles is a-crusin.
He stands up where he wants to stand and slowly moves those feet a couple steps to the side.
He can open the cupboards and pull out the bowls.
He tries for the glass bowls BUT I do stop that one.
He LOVES Magnus' kennel.
Anytime the door is open, Miles automatically makes his way inside.
He doesn't care if Magnus is IN it....
or NOT.
He just makes himself at home.
He loves going through his basket of toys everyday.

He really loves this cupboard in the corner of the house.
He stays pretty busy back there.
He uses his pointer finger all day.
He points to everything. 
Right now he is into noses.

We are greeted by a happy boy each morning.
and if we dont go get him relevately quick 
he starts....
eating the crap out of his crib.

Fun 9 month old facts about our cool baby:

Miles now has 4 teeth (two top and two bottom--another is trying to poke through now)
He is starting to mimic what a monkey and Lion say
He responds to his name 
He will drop everything, crawl to you while crying when asked: "Miles do you want a BABA?"
He loves crackers and drinking from his big boy straw cup
He tugs on your leg to be held
He loves to find you when he sees you crawl away from him
He likes to eat our shoes, cherrios, and rice chex
He LOVES blowing raspberries still
He lights up when dad walks in the room
He makes the hard "C" sound a lot
He lays perfectly still while his ears get cleaned
He uses his pointer finger for everything....even rolling the ball back to me
He got his second hair cut
He weighs 22 pounds
He is starting to bounce up and down while standing on the couch
He is very difficult to take a picture of now that he is mobile.
Yep, he's a cool one.


Lacy Rane said...

Love, love, love him! These pictures are pretty awesome too . . . especially the ones in the kennel. It has been way to long friend. We need to get together asap!

Heather and Dave said...

He is darling. And a hunky chunk! Tyler had his 9 month appt today and is only 16.5 pounds. Miles needs to teach my kid to EAT!! jk, he's long and lean like daddy, no surprise there. I love seeing what mr. miles is up to every month. he's a stud :) Glad to see my crib isn't the only one w/ chew marks on it. I should try rice chex too, they're super light and dissolve, never thought of those before! He is so dang cute, i don't want them to grow any more either!!

Christine said...

Erin he is adorable! I love your monthly updates. When he's older you'll be glad you made them because as they get bigger we forget so easily!

megan&steve said...

I love the milestones! Miles is too cute. You are a terrific mother.

Lindz said...

He's getting so big!! So funny that he bites his crib!! LOL!!