October 23, 2012

8 months

I really needed to post this today ...
because tomorrow Miles will be 9 months.
I am so behind in blogging. 
I am so tired and so busy and my house always needs attention before the blog.
Sorry, its the truth.

Anyway back to the title of this post. 
8 Months.

Miles rocks a babyhawk and is already due for another hair cut.
What can we say...
the boy has good hair.

Miles has discovered the grass!
Fall isn't here yet in California, so we are still outside in onesies and no shorts daily.
He enjoys relaxin on a blanket pulling grass and trying to eat it.
Magnus runs around and keeps us entertained.

8 months has brought not 1, not 2 but 3 teeth.
The two top teeth and one bottom tooth.
You can see a tiny white speck in this picture.

We have a great love and fascination with cords and plugs.
Every time I vacuum, Miles is there to play with the cord...which eventually he tries to eat.
He loves string too.
He will pull on shoe laces and try to gobble them up,
He pulls on my dangling apron strings from behind just so he can eat it.

Miles doesnt sit still in his high chair any longer.
He twists and turns and likes to drop things.
I love to watch him look over the tray onto the floor to look for his toy.
and his UH OH is adorable.

Miles is on the move!
He crawls everywhere and plays on his knees.
He is using his pointer finger a lot lately. (especially on my nose)
He loves taking baths.
He is a fan of squash and drinking from his sippy cup.
He adores Magus and has fun playing with the kennel and his water bowl.
Miles is pulling himself up to stand at the couch, bathtub, stairs, and toys.
 Sitting for too long isn't fun anymore. Just last night he took a step to the side while standing at the couch....he'll be cruising very soon.
He always wants to hold the remote control and push all the buttons.
He likes to play up by the fireplace and look out the back sliding door.
He SCREAMS and CRIES when I say "Miles, do you want a BABA"...ummm I'll take that as a yes.

He is such a fun little guy.
He truly is a joy.
 Happy 8 Months little one.


Jenn and Chris said...

He is so handsome! I cant believe he is going on 9 months!! We need to get together soon! Miss ya!

megan&steve said...

What fun stages Miles is going through. The teeth! His sweet face! Enjoy playing outside, I love the updates.

Christine said...

He's such a cutie. It's fun to see him doing new things every time I turn around! The babyhawk is my favorite!

Heather G said...

He is adorable and I love seeing him grow :) Can't believe he got 3 teeth this month and that he'll be walking so soon!! He is very advanced and totally cute with a FULL head of hair. He totally looks like you and Rom and I love how "meant to be" it is that he joined your fam. Can't wait for our boys to meet someday and have them smiled and drool all over each other!