July 25, 2017

Arches National Park I

We recently went to Moab, Ut to conquer thee amazing Arches National Park with my parents.
We had such a great time!
It was so hot.
But, oh.so.worth.it.
Before our trip we bought Miles some hiking boots to get him excited about a weeks worth of walking.
He LOVED them and did not complain once about our adventures!

 Our first priority was the Delicate Arch.
We knew we wanted to be there for a sunrise.
We drove all night and pulled into the park around 2:30am where Romney and my Dad grabbed their cameras, headlamps, water, and snacks and out the door they went.
They hiked in the dark to be able to photograph the arch with the milky way and the millions of stars.
There was no way I could stay awake all night.  
I'm sure seeing all the stars in person was quite an experience, but I just couldn't do it.
I set my alarm for 4:40am and left the kids asleep with my mom in the motorhome.
I was a little nervous to hike alone, I thought for sure there would be other hikers by 5:00 on the trail, but no.
Low and behold 3 ladies from Taiwan who spoke very little English came out of the bathroom and I asked if I could walk with them.  
So, me, Janet, Sally and Cindy hiked together for a bit until it wasn't so dark anymore.
Despite the tiny trail markers, I made it to the arch at the most beautiful time of day.
She was glorious!!


I found Romney and my dad who had a blast shooting all night.
I was super proud of my dad (who is in his 70s) for staying up all night and hiking a straight up hill hike!
Go dad!!!

It really was so cool.
The colors were so vibrant as the sun hit the rocks.
I am so happy we were able to do this.
I cannot wait for our kids to get bigger so we can take them back.
(although I think Miles could have done this one)

 After the sunrise we headed to the double arch.
(you can see a tiny Romney and Miles in the blue)

Once we got under the arches, Miles just wanted to climb!
He loves bouldering.
And he loved how "sticky" his boots were.

Everywhere you looked there were more Arches. 
It was so amazing.

Andie and I sat next to a shady rock while the boys went off to explore.

This girl literally just wanted her shoes off and wanted to eat a granola bar.
Hiking wasn't on her agenda that afternoon.

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