July 25, 2017

preschool graduate

In a blink this boy is done with Preschool.
I cannot believe how fast time goes.
His class did the cutest program and showed off all that they learned in the year.

We are so proud of Miles.
He has learned to count and doesn't skip 16 anymore.
He can recognize all his letters and make their sounds.
He is totally into rhyming words and is starting to blend sounds to make words.
He loved singing "tooty tah tah" and loved taking things to share on his share day every Thursday.

His teacher, Miss Cara truly has been a dream.
She made learning fun!!
She knew his favorite color, favorite animal, his favorite things to do etc...
She knows her students and
I love that.

 Miles and Troy were buddies all year. 
They met the first week and have had several play dates since.
I am bummed they will be going to different schools for kindergarten.
But it is what it is.

Miles is such a cautious, nervous kid and he was completely out of his comfort zone.
But he did it!
And everyday when I picked him up he was laughing with his little friends and had a great day.
We love you Miles.
You are moving mountains kid.

 And now we will enjoy summer and start prepping for Kindergarten.

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