August 12, 2017

Arches National Park II

 The days didn't get old.
This park is so beautiful!
All the different rock shapes and arches were amazing.
I just loved it here.
This post should be titled Loved...

I love that my kids enjoy being outside.
I love that even though they are small, they were up for the adventure.

I loved exploring the base of "the organ".

 Andie loved playing in the dirt!
(and I love my dad in the back doing what he does best)
Miles loved climbing rocks!
He just turns into a billy goat.
It was so fun to see him so excited about it.
(he also was super excited about his camera attached to his belt loop)

And here he is looking at his pictures while Andie still is at one with the dirt.

I loved hiking with my babes while dad and Romney took pictures of who knows what.

(these three boys have my heart)

 After the Organ, we went to the Sand Arch.
It was thee softest sand I have ever touched.

As soon as our feet touched the sand we lost her.
Andie sat, then rolled, then went for the classic sand angel.
We'd pick her up and take two steps and she'd be back at it again.

Miles couldn't care less about the sand, he wanted to explore!
He wanted to find the smallest tunnel to squeeze through.

It was so cute to see Miles pick things out he wanted to photograph.
Sometimes we would pull over just so he could snap the picture he wanted.

One of my favorites was Park Ave.
 It was a mile jaunt through enormous orange rocks.

 Clearly this wasn't Andies favorite!
Andie wasn't liking her shoes too much this trip.
And she wasn't liking her time out too much either.

But once she got to sit in the dirt and play shoeless she was happy again. 

The Park Ave walk ends right by
"The Three Gossips"

and rumor has it that these kids were hot, sweaty and ready for Popsicles ASAP!

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