May 27, 2016

Soccer Season.....

Miles did Spring Soccer this year.
I was kind of nervous to sign him up, he had just turned 4.
He said he wanted to do it, so we signed him up and it was quite the experience for EVERYONE!

 I will start off by saying that Miles cried the entire first soccer practice.
In his defense, it was 40 degrees out.
The kids on his team ranged from  ages 4-6 and he was thee youngest by far. 
But OUI, it was rough.

But he was all smiles on the way to his first game.
So we were excited for him. 

The smiles turned to tears as soon as we got out of the car and he clung to our legs on the side line.
But some how we got him to go on the field and asked that he just try and kick the ball once!
He did the kick off and that was a small victory--he kicked the ball.

The second game, there were no tears but just pouting...
But hey, he was ON the field-not clinging to our legs.

The third game he warmed up with his team and was participating.

But decided to sit IN the goal with his friend Tyson during the game. 

Then we finally told him if he would play in the game and NOT cry, and TRY, and KICK the ball we would go to Yougurtland....
Well guess what?
He didn't cry, he tried, and he kicked that ball.
He got in the mix and tried!
He'd run over to us super happy, and we give him high fives and he'd get "energy" (water) and run back out to play.

We would cheer for him and Andie was completely entertained with Miles soccer ball.

Am I above bribery?
It's an incentive.
He got his treat...
every week he got his treat!

On his last game he got a medal,
 and he was so excited about it.

When we were driving to Yogurtland to celebrate he said
"I'm lucky at myself"
I asked "lucky at what?"
he said "Im lucky at myself for my medal"
2 seconds later I realized what he meant
So I said "are you proud of yourself for you medal?"
and he said "yes, I'm proud of myself"
We are too.
This was really hard for him to branch out of his comfort zone and not give up.
I asked him if we signed him up too early and asked if we should have waited til he was older and he    said YES!
So were taking a break from soccer.
A long break.
But he still wants to wear his cleets in the front yard and kick the ball with his daddy.
I'm 100% okay with that! 
We love you Miles and are proud of you.

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