February 28, 2016

A six month old Andie

In a blink of an eye she is half a year.
I cannot believe how fast time is going.
Andie is such a fun baby who doesn't stop moving!!
She kicks those legs as if she is in the marching band all.the.time.
They seriously don't stop.
My personal favorite is the marching in the bathtub. 
It's adorable.

She is sitting up for longer periods of time.
Once she realizes that I am not supporting her, she falls over. 

 She is rolling over in both directions constantly and has discovered Magnus.

She screams for her pacifier and then immediately takes it out of her mouth to chew on the sides.


She has started eating rice cereal, oatmeal, and zucchini.  
She loves drinking out of our cups.
A drop or two actually make it into her mouth, the rest usually drools out of her mouth or spills onto her lap.

She is on all fours rocking back and forth.

She loves stroller rides.
She is a very serious rider.
She doesnt say much while we stroll, but she is so happy to be outside.

This cutie has been fighting going to sleep lately and giving us all quite the work out. 
But she likes her white blanket by her face to go to sleep.
This month we put her in HER room in HER crib and that's also been a transition for all of us.
She yells AH, EH and GA throughout the day.
She belly gut laughs.
She loves looking in the mirror and smiling at herself.
She grabs my face and hair when she feeds.
Her eyes are still a solid blue.
She mastered raspberries.
She grabs everything in and out of reach and shoves everything in her mouth.
She still spits up all day everyday.
She LOVES Miles.
She is finally in size 2 diapers.
and a whopping 15 lbs.
Happy half birthday!

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