July 8, 2015

Sweetness Overload

Age three is hard.
It is sweet and sour....
Oh buddy, is it ever!
The sour is SOUR but the sweet is OH. SO. SWEET.
Lately Miles has been killing it with sweetness, cuteness, funny phrases, and style.

I love taking random pictures of him doing random things.
This post is FULL of what I think is "sweetness."
This post is for me to remember these moments when my heart fluttered with so much joy!
This post is all of just Miles and it's a ton!
You have been warned.

 Miles likes to take down all the pillows after I freshly make the bed....
make a pile...
and jump!
(the party hat is my favorite)

Miles is OBSESSED with his "little green froggie"
I swear it has 9 lives.
We loose it all the time but it somehow manages to find its way back into his life.
I love his sweet face waiting at the bottom of the slide while the frog slides down.

Miles rocks his "spy goggles" around the house.
It makes my heart happy.

We got a new mirror and Miles was totally playing with his reflection.

I seriously cannot stop laughing how great this picture is.
He really does love those goggles and his "shark with letters in it" hat.
Most mornings he puts it on first thing.
It's adorable.

Miles has almost mastered getting dressed all by himself.
This particular day he wanted to wear his shorts on top of his jammies.
It was pulling teeth to get him to NOT wear this outfit to the store.
He's a funny one.

He loves his dog.
He still calls him "Mamis"
He's been going out back and sitting with him a lot lately.
I love it!

This boy wants to help with everything!
"Im a good helper" and
"I can do it all by myself" are the two main things I hear.
He has so many bruises on his shins from running full speed, tripping over something, while yelling
"I wanna do it" when I say I'm gonna feed the dog, wash the windows etc....

He picks me flowers and wears backpacks in public....
do I need to explain the sweetness?
( I mean come on....look at his shoes on the wrong feet)

I think it is so sweet when he sits criss cross apple sauce!
His little body is so cute.
He loves working on his puzzles.
I love watching his wheels turn.

I adore his voice!
I love that he loves books.
He was reading his book while I was paying bills the other day.
I had to stop so I could listen to him.
So sweet, I tell ya.

 I know I will miss this phase in my life because I already miss yesterday hearing him squeal with delight while swimming with his daddy.

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