August 9, 2014

Getting Settled

People keep asking if we are settled in our new home.....

  Boxes are still in the hall way, nothing is on the walls, TVs are not mounted,
and the iron and printer cords still haven't been found. 

 Yesterday someone asked again if we were settled in, so I asked
"what does that even mean?"
She said "if your kitchen is up and running-- you are settled"
Oh- well in that case... 
YES we are!



Home Improvement:
When we bought the house I wasn't crazy about the granite. 
The kitchen was too orange and red for me.
So we laid out paint swatches on the counter top to match the grays and browns in the granite in hopes we could pull out those colors rather than the red. 
Changing the paint color and painting the cupboards have done wonders!

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