July 30, 2014

The Farm House

We have moved!
That is right, we actually moved.
But before I start blogging about our new house and the adventure that is ahead I need to blog about the farm house.

For the last 6 months we have been renting a tiny above the garage/shop apartment from some friends. 
It was in the middle of nowhere and they lived on 2.5 acres.
They have horses and chickens and the most glorious garden you have ever seen.
Everyday we'd go get fresh eggs, feed the horses carrots and apples and pick fresh produce.

Below are a few pictures to summarize the last 6 months of our lives. 

Miles walking down the hill with his adorable farm boots on, holding eggs. 

Pretending to drive the tracker.

Magnus LOVED the land.
He may or may not have loved a chicken too much....

There was a massive sand pile that was intended for the horse corrals....
But until that happened we had a big sand box for 4 months.

Cutie boy holding the carrots for the horses.

As soon as we were done feeding the horses he'd point to the chicken coop and want to go say hello.

he'd say "hello chickens...bawk bawk bawk"

Then of course we'd have to go inside to say hello and feed them too.

Miles has a friend who called our apartment the FARM HOUSE.
It has stuck and thats what we refer to it as.
Miles refers to it as the Gazebo house (there was a gazebo too)
We are very excited to be in our house now but do miss the fresh produce and eggs.
We miss our friends whose boys would come out and play with miles everyday.
Oh farm house you were quite the place that taught me its okay to get dirty!


Caleb Fullmer said...

What great cute memories you'll have! If your son doesn't remember at least you have pictures.

Jenny said...

I love this! What fun for Miles. Almost makes me want to live in a farm house. :)