August 20, 2014

Pool Time

We are loving our new pool!
The backyard is not an oasis yet....but come fall green grass is coming in!
But, that is besides the point,
the point is  WE HAVE A POOL and we LOVE IT!

The hot sun is making the water warmer and warmer everyday.
It's so nice.
Miles loves to jump in from the highest point possible,
he's kicking those legs to get where he wants to go,
and he's great at blowing bubbles in the water.
He'll be totally ready for swim lessons next summer. we just need to get the hot tub working....
(apparently the two broken parts have come in and  now were waiting for them to be installed)


Meagan Cooper said...

SO FUN! Sounds like we need to plan a visit to play in your pool!! You all look so great!

Christine said...

Miss you guys! Guess we'll have to plan a pool party next year ;). Glad you guys are enjoying your new home!

Joanne Henry said...

Wow! The water looks great for a backyard pool. Miles looks totally adorable. I hope his swimming lessons next summer goes well. If he puts in enough time in your own pool, then maybe he won't need the lessons at all. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing that, Erin! Enjoy your new pool! :)

Joanne Henry @ Tranquility Pools

Leena Wolf said...

The pool really looks nice. That being said, how is the environment now? I bet the Oasis is shaping up nicely. How is Miles with swimming? Has he started those swimming lessons yet? Anyway, thank you so much for sharing this post with us, Erin. All the best!

Leena Wolf @ H2O Spas

Alvin said...

I have wanted a pool around the house for a long time, and I finally got what I wanted. I was able to design a pool that I loved, and I was pleased to see the pool take shape near my home. I can take the family out the pool every weekend after a long week of work, and I am very thankful.

Alvin @ Selective Designs