August 12, 2012

6 months

Oh Miles. You little ham. 
He is such a joy.
He is a happy happy little guy.
His little personality is really starting to come out and he is getting to be so much fun.

He loves eating. 
He puts down (and wears) his rice cereal and is loving all the vegetables he gets daily.
Sometimes we forgo the bib because he wants to eat the bib more than the food.
His love for material in his mouth kills me.
Silly boy.

Look out, we sit up for L O N G periods of time now.
He is so captivated by his toys.
Miles finally decided he could roll over both directions.
I will put him under his jungle gym and when I turn around he is by the dog.
He's on the move folks.
He loves his music playing elephant on his car seat.
He always falls asleep with it in his hand and every bump we go over we get to listen to chirping crickets and some animal parade music.
He yells.
Oh buddy does he yell.
He makes the "AH" and "EH" sound all day.

When Miles coos he sounds like a flock of seagulls.
He grabs my hair now....lovely.
He is very entertained by my jewelry during church.
He thinks he's a big boy now and wants to drink out of our cups.
He lights up every time he sees himself in the mirror. 
He loves running water!
 He is starting to lean his head into our chests... kinda like he is hugging. 
He loves to be hugged and kissed. He smiles so big. I love it.
On occasion he will laugh so hard he will snort. RAD.

Miles you have been worth wait!
You are my favorite baby!
I love you.
Happy half birthday. 


mjoray said...

So funny you should post because I just reread your adoption story last night. I was feeling a little sad and thought your story would cheer me up. It did. It is good to hear the update! He is a sweet little boy.

Christy said...

you know what this means? that is is of course, time to start planning his first birthday party! Time for you and pinterest to spend hours upon hours of quality time together!!!!

I love that he snorts. LOVE.

Emily said...

He is so cute Erin. Our Wyatt snorts at me when he wants to eat...not sure how I should take that...LOL.

Yes, we do need a playdate. I feel that our dog just got to a more calmer state then before, she was really crazy before. Hey, forget dog playdate we should just do baby playdate. Our boys are only 2 months apart, so fun!!!

Heidi said...

HOORAY!! I love all the details you have! The fun of change! Next crawling... look out! They are really everywhere :) Love his hair!

Jenn and Chris said...

Such a ham, that's for sure! I love his hair as well! They grow way too fast, don't they?