June 27, 2011

puppy school

Magnus graduated Doggy school.
We signed him up at Petco...where the pets go.

He can sit, lay, stay, wait, come...

all for a treat!
He is getting better by the day.
He will be attending the next doggy class...
How cool would he be if he were a therapy dog?
We think he'd be pretty cool if he could go to hospitals or schools to help!
Everyone already loves him and he LOVES everyone, may as well put it to good use.


Christy said...

Therapy dogs are so wonderful!!!! When I worked in the nursing home in rexburg they had a golden retriever that would come in and the residents seriously looked forward to it every week. I love that your HUGE dog is such a people 'person'.

The Pedersen's said...

He is so BIG and pretty!! Cute! Cute! We should of put Brinkley in puppy school! :)

Carrie and Shane said...

You have such a big heart. What a great idea to share your beautiful dog.