June 16, 2011


Oh my busy!
Is anyone out there?
Life has been incredibly busy with adoption papers, girls camp, and preschool.
But I am here, to get caught up.

As stated before...we were able to go to Ireland for our Spring Break.
We flew in to Dublin and made our way west.
We rented a car, and drove on the wrong side of road....with NARROW roads.
Scary, I tell ya.
Our favorite little town was DINGLE.
Isn't that a fun word? Dingle.

We loved going to pubs at night to listen to traditional Irish music.

We were able to see castles.
Some were fully intact others were barely hangin on.

Ireland is full of SHEEP!

The bright blue sky and green grass was BEAUTIFUL!

We loved that we brought our rain jackets.
We wore them almost everyday.

We tried different cheese at the cheese shop

... we even tried seaweed cheese....
and liked it.

The fog rolled in, but that didn't stop us from walking
through a farmers pasture to the beehive huts.

These huts were the ancient Irish homes dating back to 3000B.C.

Somedays we're cold and super foggy

and some were warmer with gorgeous colors.

We have so many memories that make us laugh, quote,
smile, and want to return.

It was so different than our other busy Europe trips.
We loved the slower pace and country side.
Ireland is highly recommend!
The green N E V E R got old.


Christy said...

You are the first people I know to go to Ireland! How exciting. I watched the movie leap year and kind of fell in love with the idea of having a getaway there someday! That cheese shop just about made me go buy a ticket....why is cheese SO fun? and delicious!

Im off to your adoption blog to get an updated! Ive been in the black hole of girls camp as well...I miss real life!

Escobar Family said...

I love your photos and the way you share your stories...just perfect! So fun and what a busy summer you have ahead!

Lacy Rane said...

Beautiful. Want to come see the green of Scotland . . . ?

Sarah Hull said...

amazing!!!! Did you sing "Ireland, I am coming home!" The entire time?
Sure LOVE all your travel pictures. What fun adventures! Miss you friend!

Christine said...

Wow those pictures are amazing!! Thanks for sharing.

I don't think I'de ever get tired of the green either!

The Pedersen's said...

Looks like a blast! I love all the green too!