June 22, 2011


Romney really wanted to get scuba dive certified for our upcoming vacation.
I truly had NO interest in it.
The thought of being in the water with sharks...no thank you.
But, I hesitantly said I would certify with him anyway.
Y E S !

We took classes through Sports Chalet.
After the classroom portion we hit their pool.

We stayed in the shallow end the first half of the pool session.

Once we were comfortable at 5 feet we made our way to 15 feet,
and practiced equalizing our ears, and mastered our boyency.
We worked on our breathing and clearing our masks over and over.
We went over every worst case scenario underwater.
We know what to do if we run out of air, hand signals to communicate etc...

After a few pool sessions we had to pass thee final test....
(This is our class. We are on the right, the middle man is our teacher, on the left is our step bro and sis in law)

Of coarse our ocean dive was a cold day and the sun didn't want to make her debut.
But we got it done.

It was freezing and I am grateful for wetsuits, hoods and gloves.
They really make a difference.
Phew, we lived and I don't have to think about it until our vacation...in a few weeks.
Now we are certified divers!


Heather and Dave said...

Looks like fun! You look good in a wet suit, who knew looking good in a wetsuit was even possible? Where is the vacay in a few weeks? Will we still get to see you over Jul 1 - 9th??! We're coming and always look forward to visiting with the gorgeous Erin!

Christine said...

I was thinking that you look good ina wet suit too :) :) I was also realizing I wouldn't look so good in one :) Glad you got dive certified too and didn't just watch from the sidelines. Can't wait to see more pictures.

The Pedersen's said...

You are brave, I don't think I could do that! Looks like fun though!

LisaB said...

You are adorable! I thought about you during our snorkeling trip in Hawaii. The water was perfect~Clear. Swam with sea turtles, eel, gorgeous fish of every size and color. Coral. And even a spotted ray. It was the best snorkeling trip ever. I kept thinking about how cool it would have been to be down there deeper diving like you. There was even a little octopus! You are going to have the time of your lives. Hope you bought a fancy underwater camera so we get to see it all! Have a fun trip. Excited for you!

Rachel said...

When we went to Jamaica 5 years ago, Sean kept begging me to try scuba diving, since he was already certified. I was bound and determined to hate it and be terrified. What a huge surprise to find it super relaxing and peaceful. We ended up doing two dives a day while on vacation. It was the the best part of our trip. So...have an open mind - especially since you're certified. Diving in the ocean is amazing!
PS - where are you going on vacation??