July 15, 2010

Tallin, Estonia

We recently were told that Disneyland was inspired by ESTONIA. We can see why. It was a fairytale. Everything was so colorful and cheery just like the happiest place on earth. Even the doors were detailed exactly like the doors in Fantasyland. Estonia was my personal favorite stop on the cruise. The chocolate was out of this world, the architecture was beautiful and the company wasn't so bad either.
It was a great day!

These medieval towers welcomed us right in to the old town of Tallin.

...we walked through several fun ally ways...
...to find this tiny chocolate shop that my brother and his wife went to a year ago.
They swore we'd never find it....we did, we conquered and we
We came across lots of locals dressed up for their festival.
We enjoyed the roasted ginger and pumpkin nuts that we bought from this woman.

WE LOVED our souvenirs!!!!
WOOL WOOL and more WOOL!
...and i cannot get enough of this picture of the boys trying on all the different wool hats...
it makes me belly gut laugh out loud...
Off to St. Petersburg, Russia


megan&steve said...

Wow. I'm proud of you finding the chocolate shop.
Those hats- wool hats, my oh my! How often will they be worn in California?
I loved LOVED seeing you last week. Thanks again for taking the time to see an old friend.

Kipn n' Sarah said...

WOw that place IS beautiful!!! It sounds like heaven! And I LOVE that last picture, it makes me giggle out loud too! Ha! Makes me happy to see all the cool things you two are getting to do together!

Powell's Place said...

I think I would rather go there than Disneyland; it's beatiful! What a fun trip!

Piper said...

I concur- I would go to Estonia over Disneyland ANY DAY! Disneyland is great and all, but hello- Europe and picturesque and adventures? (But I think we need you guys as our tour guides- you always happen onto the coolest places, events and people!!)

Christine said...

Love the hats the best too!! Estonia reminds me of Teledo in Spain but in brighter colors...their claim to fame was marzipan. They had marzipan creations in all the windows...tried a sample...chocolate is much better ;)

Sarah Hull said...

1. your yellow purse is rocking my world
2. Estonia! what? who knew it was so rad!
3. you guys ROCK

Anonymous said...

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