July 10, 2010

Copenhagen, Denmark

Welcome to Denmark!

This was our shortest day on the cruise which was too bad because there was so much to see.

However we saw the changing of the guard at the Palace.

Of course we squeezed in some time to sample a little hot dog.
Then it is only natural that we worked off the hot dog when we jumped 100 times for the "perfect" jumping shot in front of the main cathedral...


We stumbled upon more naked...except she wasn't a statue
can you find her?

P.S. This is my friend Jenn! Get used to her and her husband Scotts face because you will see them often. They jumped on the same last minute trip to Europe boat too. They were great travel buddies.
We toured this beautiful castle where jewels and crowns are on display.
A trip to Europe is not a trip unless you hike up all the tiny narrow stairs to the top of the main cathedral.
Which we all did and Romney got to open the little doors to the outside!

And it was worth every step up the those 200 something stairs!
Take me back!
Back to the ship were off to Tallin, Estonia!


Kipn n' Sarah said...

Pretty stankin PRETTY and AMAZING and pretty and looks like bundles of nudie fun!!!

Christine said...

How great to have travel partners to enjoy the beauty with. (I know you really just brought them so you would have photographers wherever you go ;) What random stranger would be patient enough to take 100 jump shot pictures anyway! Good planning ahead, ha ha.

Heather and Dave said...

Ok - can I blow up that first photo and hang it in my house? It's GORGEOUS! What a fun vacation, keep up the good work of blogging about it. This may be the only time I get to see Norway and other sweet places!

Michelle said...

SO FUN! You look super cute in all the pictures by the way. :)