July 19, 2010

St. Petersburg, Russia

M o t h e r R u s s i a !
This was our longest stop of the cruise and it still wasn't enough time!! Not even close.
In Russia you can not just get off the boat and go play. You HAVE to be in a tour guided group. If you want that freedom to do as you please, you HAVE to have a Russian Visa. If you go to Russia you HAVE to play by their rules!

Russia was the first place that required a passport check in and out of their country, it was kind of intimidating.
but at least we got another stamp in our passport...

Russia was a once in a life time opportunity.
We were so excited for this stop!!
It would only be natural that I got the flu in the middle of the night!
Rom, Scott and Jen toured the Hermitage Museum for 3 hours in our tour group while I sat in a chair sweating breathing in my nose and out my mouth. I kept telling myself "don't throw up here."

Romney was so sweet to let me hang all over him that day...and I did.
And he wasn't even worried about my germs.
I still wasn't feeling up to eating.
and based on these faces...
I didn't miss much...
so I continued to sip on my water.
After lunch I was starting to feel a little better and started to pep up! I actually remember the Peter Paul Fortress and I absolutely LOVED it! I was diggin the gold!

and I 100% remember how cool the Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood was.
After a 17 hour day in Russia with the Flu I was ready to get back on the boat. We are holding up our hands to show that its 11:00pm and time for bed!
Russia was our last stop of our cruise.
But our vacation still has one more stop...
We gotta hurry back to Norway to catch our flight to


Carrie and Shane said...

So beautiful! What a trooper Erin, touring with the flu and everything. I have to go to that chocolate place in Estonia!

Escobar Family said...

very cool! also very cool to have the beatles rocking...little azaleia is dancing next to me right now. sorry about being sick...but oh how i love seeing your travels!

Alison said...

Girl! Love these fun pics! Sorry you got the flu, glad you got better quick. Great seeing you sister! xo

The Williamsons said...

You forgot to mention the awesome Folkloric show we saw at that junky theater. Only mother Russia could put on a show like that :)

Kipn n' Sarah said...

So so so sorry to hear you got the flu but you go girl for hanging in there and keeping a smile on o your face even though I am sure you felt like total crap! You rock! LOVE those buildings! Have I ever told you I am jealous of your travels??? One day when Kip and I have $ we will all travel together with our babies on our backs all over the world :) You could be our tour guides :) LOVES!

Heather and Dave said...

Beautiful, beautiful and MORE beautiful photos - you even look beautiful when you've thrown up all day. I can't wait to someday visit these places :) xoxo!!