November 25, 2017


We are so behind in our life but give me some time and I'll get caught up.
In August Miles started Kindergarten.
When did he think that was okay?
He was so anti school thee entire summer.
We'd talk about it and he would shut it down so quickly.
BUT two days before school started he flipped a switch and was excited. 
He picked out his shark backpack and was complete.

He did great walking up to his classroom

and hanging up his backpack

and then he got a little hesitant to let go once we got back out to the playground.

But to our surprise he got in line and waved goodbye.


We were trying to get Miles into a charter school but the waiting list for it was so long.
At the lottery drawing he was number 18.
 All summer we'd check in to see if he was moving up on the list.
Sure enough the week before school started he was number 3.

And by 9:30am on the first day of school, the charter school called saying a spot opened up and he could start tomorrow.
Horrible timing!
We had just dropped Miles off at his new school and he did great at drop off.
We knew we wanted Miles in this charter school long term and it's so hard to get in.
So, we picked up a happy Miles after his first day of kindergarten and took him to lunch.
He told us all about his day.
We then told him he got into the school we were waiting for.
So we drove him to the new school where he would meet his new teacher.
He was excited and ready to make the move.

Miles got two first days of Kindergarten
 and here he is on his second first day!

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