February 1, 2015

Someone turned 3


The boy wanted a  B L U E  birthday party, where a "cone" would be worn and candles would be blown out.

Blue things...check
party hats...check

 Hands down- thee easiest request for a birthday party!

 Miles helped get things ready.

He kept asking "is it my birthday party?" all morning...

We played the traditional party games....
Pin the nose on Mr. Happy

...Ring around the rosie...
(Miles favorite)

...they got a piece of blue paper that they covered in stickers...

They ate a very healthy lunch that consisted of hot dogs, chips, blue jello, and blue Gatorade...oh there were berries...see it was healthy.

Presents were opened...

... he wanted to play with everyone he opened right then and there...

Miles and Adele went off with his new bug cage...

3.5 hour naps happened the minute everyone left...

....then round 2 of presents happened with mommy and daddy...

He didn't go to bed til 9:30 that night.
He was so happy and excited about his new toy train that he chased around!
(I love that he still was wearing his party hat)

Oh Miles.
You are 3. 
My hearts hurts a little. 
I want you to stay little.
I want you to stay innocent.
I still want you to say words that aren't correct.
I want you to always want to be by your daddy and copy him.
He's a good one to follow.
I want to keep you small because this is FUN.

Miles is such a sweet boy.
His favorite foods are Mac&Cheese, bananas, cherry tomatoes, bagels, and yogurt drinks.
His favorite shows are Mickey Mouse and Doc McStuffins.
His favorite movies are Bambi, Cars, Finding Nemo and Lion King.
He loves all things TIC TOC CROC from Peter Pan.
He loves little animal figurines and has hands full of them all the time.
He still has a massive love affair with his bunny named MINA.
Mina goes everywhere with him.
Mina goes to the potty, gets teeth brushed, hair combed, you name it.
If we lose it, were dead. 
He likes kicking the soccer ball outside.
He likes the slides at the park.
His legs are FINALLY long enough to reach some tricycle peddles.
 He loves playing with his Cars and tracks.
He loves his Nano Bugs and thinks they are hilarious.
He loves books and can be caught "reading" books aloud.
(he even wants me to sit on his lap so he can read to me)
He has a soft voice but can be loud when he wants to.
He's not totally shy but not totally outgoing.
He is calm
He is crazy
He is cautious 
He is silly
He is smart
He is handsome
He is a talker
He is polite
He is bossy
He is whinny
He is happy
He is funny
He is serious
He is Miles and 
He is 3!
(3 is a whole new ball game of parenting...oh my!!)

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