February 15, 2015

My geocaching Valentine....

This year for Valentines Day we went A L L   O U T.
Wait....no we didn't.
Actually, we went to IHOP with our cool, fun friends.
That's right, our Valentines Day was spent on a double date sharing pancakes al la carte with Rachel and Jake.

To top off our super romantic dinner we were supposed to go bowling.
Yes, you read that correctly, we were going to go bowling on our double date for Valentines.
But, apparently it was league night til 9:45.
Who knew.
But, we are so old, we were not going to start bowling at 10pm.
Rachel called her mom and asked for a fun ideas....
I mean come on....we had babysitters at home!
We HAD to do something!
Her mom suggested G E O C A C H I N G.

I had never heard of it. 
But, let me tell you...
It is FUN!
oh, did I already say that it is FUN?!

(ready to start the hunt
and that gold plaque was our first clue)

You need a smartphone or a GPS to play.
You type in quadrants on your GPS to find the location to find a random thing.
Once you find the geocache, you sign the roll sheet and put it back for others to find.
It's super random.
There are hundreds of these little geocaches everywhere. 
They can be as small as a thimble or as big as...well whatever.
There are little clues to help if you need.

We seriously had a blast!
We geocached our little hearts out all night.
We looked awesome with all our cell phone flash lights on going through bushes in a packed parking lot.
At one point I thought I found it, but it was a weed pipe. Hahahaha, nope that wasn't it.

We were pretty excited when we found one.
It was magnetized under a medal electrical box.
In it was a little sheet to sign and little things people have left behind.
Again....so random.

No, this wasn't romantic. 

But who says it has to be romantic every year?

I was laughing with the one that I love.
I held hands with the one I love.
I got to steal kisses from the one I love.
We celebrated our love "fun" this year.
And it was perfect!

(and there is more geocaching that will be happening)

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Meagan Cooper said...

I want to GEOCACHE in Rexburg!!!!