February 5, 2014

Cupcakes & Facts

Look who is 2!
The time is flying, I can't even get over it.

On Miles birthday we went to the grocery store where Miles got to choose the cake HE wanted.
It only took one minute for him to choose FUNFETTI... X's 2.
(yes, he is wearing a belt over his shirt...sometimes he has really strong opinions)

He had fun mixing the cake with grandma who he calls 

He was LOVING the whole "line the cupcake pan" thing.

No, really....he was loving it.

This was actually the first time Miles really was interested in helping out in the kitchen. 
It was darling.

After the cupcakes came out of the oven they cooled down and were frosted the next day.
I'll post singing happy birthday and opening presents next week.
But I wanted to take a few minutes to post him being a baker and jot down some really cute things Miles is doing now that he is 2.

He pronounces his name "MOMELS"
He loves to try to jump 
 He loves to run
Sometimes he chooses to wear two different shoes when we go out.
He loves being read to and can finish the sentence on most pages.
He likes being sung to.
He is a huge fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!!
He likes hot wheels and his tracks.
He doesn't like to play alone, he HAS to have mommy or daddy play with him.
He goes potty on the toilet every night before baths. (i guess were prepping potty training?)
He now has a love for "queets"(treats)
He refuses to sit in a booster seat at the table now. 
He is thee slowest eater!!! (with the exception of oranges and goldfish crackers)
He loves bubble baths
He runs away when we say he needs a diaper change.
He knows what "timeout" is.
He yells "NO! MINE!" now....
He's learning to share. "Mommys turn...Momels turn..."
He can count to 12
He knows the colors Yellow, Blue, Pink, and Orange
He's good at his shape puzzle and knows Circles, Hearts, Ovals and Stars
He can draw a circle with his markers.
I'll catch him once in awhile feeding his dinosour or showing his elephant a picture in a book.
He likes going to the park 

and my favorite:
 he can spell his name
"M-I-L-E-S... MOMELS!"

He has a cute voice.
and seems pretty shy when in front of new people....
but at home- LOOK OUT. 
He is a chatter box and can yell with the best of em'.

Some of my favorite phrases are:
mom...eh are you? (mom, where are you?)
wha daddy go mom? (where'd daddy go mom?)
Mamis! ssssssss (Magnus! Shhhhh)
Hello Mommy
I wan milk  (I want milk)
I wobe you ( I love you)

I love you Miles.
You are such a sweet little boy.
You make me happy when skies are gray.


Christine said...

So cute! We all love Miles! I can't believe he's 2 already!

Jenny said...

I'll say it again, that kid is brilliant! Spelling his own name at 2?! So crazy. And he's absolutely adorable too. :)

Powell's Place said...

What a doll! Keep up with the peeing before bath time. That made potty training SO easy when the time came.