February 21, 2014

Chicago with Cousins

Miles and I had such a fun week in Chicago visiting my sister and her girls.
Romney was in a class all week and my brother in law was away on business for a week.
So it worked out to be a perfect and fun week to be with my sister and the kids.

We made pizzas one night.

We had a great time at the Field Museum looking at all the animals.

Here is the infamous 

It was freezing!
No, really.
Zero degrees freezing.
But ice cream cones are still a MUST after a good Chicago Dog.

The girls were so good with Miles.
I literally didn't see him for a week.
They kept him entertained and happy.
When the girls were at school Miles would ask
"where'd the girls go?"

The girls really wanted to go sledding.
Their dad came home from his trip and made it happen!
Miles feel asleep on the way to the park and it was too late in the day for him to fall asleep.
So I tried waking him up and take a picture with me but he wasn't haven't it.
But once he woke up (kinda) he went down the hill with his uncle and cousins.

 and this is the happiest he was....
But when he re-tells his sledding experience he says "WHEEEEE"

We walked down to a new neighborhood cafe.
The Blue Door.
(the roasted kale was soooo yummy)
It dumped snow
but it was so fun to be bundled up and watch Miles in the snow.

Here is Alisons miracle baby!
 Anytime I held her, talked to her, or looked at her
Miles yelled "NOOO!"
I even sang to her the songs I sing to Miles and he yelled "NOOOO!"
But he finally said yes when I asked if he wanted to hold her.

and he held her again the next day.
and kept saying "hi baby"
and was way more interested in her. 
( he even kissed her forehead )

We had such a great week.
It was fun staying up late every night giggling with my sister.
It was fun going shopping.
It was joy to see Miles interact with his cousins.
We were sad to leave but left happy knowing we'd see them very soon in St. George.
10 days to be exact.
See you in a week and half girls.

 My two favorite pictures of the week:
Miles photo bombing baby girls pic.

and.... this jewel. 


Alison said...

It's zero degrees again today...so I think you should come back for some more fun! Love you sister! Had such a blast with you and Miles. Love you! xo

Christy said...

I havent been on blogger in over a year! Miles is ADORABLE!!!!!! Oh my word the ear muffs! Isnt it so gratifying when they start to talk? FINALLY you get tohear they love you back! It always makes me melt! Benett says funny things now and I love it! Just wait - in about 6 months Miles will start singing songs. Benett can belt out "let it go" and "Royals" like nobodys business!

Christine said...

I'm glad Miles is learning to love the snow and babies too :) So cute