November 9, 2013

St. George in October

Miles and I spent a few weeks in St. George while we are STILL waiting to get into our new house.
SO many fun things went down during our stay.

1.) my sister had a baby. 
A miracle girl made her debut 7 years after her older sisters.
She's going to have lots of little mommies.

2.) Miles went down the slide belly first!

3.) Since Grandma was in Chicago with the new baby, Miles got the opportunity to hang with "ampa" LOTS!

4.) Romneys sister Penny and her kids came down to visit us for the weekend.
We went to the Dinosaur Track Museum...

....rode the carousel around and around and around...

....we went on some awesome little hikes....

Miles wanted to be down hiking with his cousins but sometimes we needed to move faster so we had to strap him in the "back back" as Miles calls it. 


...he loved being by "Eh-E" (ellie) and Keegan...

Oh my goodness! 
This little St. George trip has created a Mickey fan!
He watched it everyday and held (and continues to hold) his new stuffed Mickey all day everyday.
He calls it BICKEY MOUSE.
So I drag out the M sound MMMMMICKEY
and he'll say MMMMMickey.
Its adorable.
(too bad he wont even come close to Mickey at Disneyland....he FREAKS out)

and LAST thing to report from our trip is 
Miles is a great traveler.
He does so well listening to Toddler radio, playing with his cars, shaking noise makers and reading his books.
He told me he wanted "eyes" so I gave him these awesome glasses and when I turned around he was reading. 
It made me belly laugh out loud. 
He looks awesome head to toe!


Anonymous said...

Good stuff Erin! Missing you! xo Ali

Christine said...

So cute! Looks like a fun trip to St. George!