November 24, 2013


If this isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen than YOU ARE BLIND!
Miles made thee cutest JOCKEY and Magnus made a great horse.

The Jockey made his debut at our churches Trunk or Treat.
He loved carrying around his "unkin".
We went to the first car and he held his UNKIN up for candy and once the piece of candy hit the bottom of the pumpkin he literally threw the pumpkin down and cried! 
We picked up his pumpkin and tried it again.
He got the hang of it by car 3!
After we went back to our car where he passed out candy to the other trick or treaters. 
Miles was a generous candy giver....(handfuls per kid) I didn't mind, he was loving it.

A few days later was the actual day of Halloween and we went out with our dearest friends.
Miles knew exactly what to do.
Every time the stroller stopped, he hopped out and went up to the door.
He can't say Trick or Treat but he can say thank you so we made him say 
"keek you" to every candy giver!

Miles was 100% content with his sucker thee entire night.
This picture below cracks me up. 
He looks tough with his little hat twisted and giving a dirty look...
but his voice is oh so sweet.

Fun Facts on his costume:

hat- spray painted 7.00$
sleeves - woman blouse from goodwill 2.00$
Front of shirt- kids soccer jersey from goodwill 1.00$
 tights- from gymboree 8.00$
boots- paper towel tubes wrapped in black fabric 5.00$

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jayna said...

That entire thing is so fantastic- the cute boy, the giant dog, the goodwill finds....LOVE IT!