April 7, 2013

Fire Night

Friday night was the Fire Departments award/recognition/promotion night.
We started out at the downtown fire station for goodies and greetings. 
It was darling to see all the little ones and see the men be daddies. 

After saying hello and shaking hands we walked across the street to the art center for the program.
Miles was loving the color guard with all the flags and hearing the bag pipes coming in behind the red white and blue. 
(that's my favorite part too)

Romney received his 5 year recognition. 
It was fun to see the same boys he was hired with up there. 
Miles was done after an hour and half and started to walk around and make new friends. 
He wouldnt budge a smile for them or talk to them, but would just go stand right by them. 
I love the fire wife life.
I never thought I'd marry a fireman. 
Actually, I guess I really never thought of it.
I just assumed I'd marry a 9am-5pm guy.
But I love it.
I love the benefits of Romney being home so much. 
I love that I always feel safe.
I love the bag pipes. 


megan&steve said...

you are awesome. Congrats to Romney being a fire guy for the past 5 years! Where does the time go?
ps I never thought I would be an army wife.

Alison said...

Romney is a keeper! So glad he is part of the family! That baby is a keeper too! xo
Congrats on 5 years Romney!