April 29, 2013

Disneyland Friends

Miles and I have been going to Disneyland once a week with our friends Jen and Porter.
It's been a fun outing for the babes and Jen and I.
Miles sleeps in the next day every time.
Super Sweet!!

Miles and Porter are little friends. 
We hope they stay buddies growing up.
Because they are darling together.
(melt my heart...they are waiting in line to ride the train)

Headed onto Winnie the Pooh

Jen is expecting another baby this summer and she just bought a double stroller. 
So we tried that bad boy out.
The boys kept looking at each other wondering what they were doing there.

Porter and I riding Little Mermaid while Jen stayed with Miles napping in the stroller.

It's a Small World is one of our favorites. 
I promise Miles likes it.
But by the end of the day or night...depending on when we go-
he is OUT.

We have had so much fun.
Miles likes to point out all the balloons.
He waves and says BYE BYE to all the trams, trains, and rides that we are NOT on.
It's adorable.


Meagan Cooper said...

fun fun fun! lucky miles living so close to magical disneyland!

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