March 13, 2012

Life with a new born....

....we have had a whirl wind of changes and a whole lot of "firsts" at our house.
The first two weeks we were out of town living out of suit cases.
Which was chaotic in and of its self.

now that we are home...
look out we have a new born.

We have a new little friend who thinks our bed is way more comfy than his.
I literally came up stairs, walked in our room and thought "where on earth do I sleep"

I found a place to crash, and this is what Romney found.
He literally thought "where am I supposed to sleep..."

Eventually Miles makes it to his own bed where Magnus likes to greet him first thing in the morning.

and then follows him around,

Miles just stares at him.
Someday they are going to be great friends.
I can't wait.

We have experienced more pee piddling on our jeans and on the couch and lots of dirty diapers!

Case in point....poop on changing pad and rom is blocking pee with his hand this very moment!

We have made our way to the fire station for the guys to see Miles.
It is so fun to see big tough guys gush over something so small and cute.

Miles made his first debut to church.
We didn't stay long...just the first hour.
Even though he was off limits to all the "church germs" he was still a HUGE hit in Romneys arms.

We busted out the baby bjorn for our first hike.
Hiking with that thing for a first timer....awkward.
I need some major practice!
Miles had a little picnic while Magnus drank from the stream.

We no longer scream in the bath and dry off time.
It took a few sessions, but now he loves em'.
and for the record
his scream isn't a regular scream...

it sounds like "mmmmm-kay mmmmmm-kay mmmmmm-kay"
it's hysterical and sad all rolled into one.

Who knew life with a new born was so crazy?
Who knew that cleaning bottles was so time consuming?
Who knew that though new babies sleep most of the day we could be this tired?
Who knew that unloading the dishwasher could take over an hour?
Who knew that I could shower under 5 minutes?
Who knew that baby equipment took up so much space?
Who knew that I would change shirts every day because I would get spit up on?

I did.
And I love every thing about all of it.
He has captured my heart and I am in love!


Christina said...

love love love it!

After reading all your questions at the end---i thought um yeah--i think that's why i stopped after baby #4! HA so weird to think in 9 more years my ENTIRE family of daughters will be gone--sniff sniff!

Christy said...

He's so so adorable. I'm glad you guys are surviving! Its always reassuring for others moms to hear that your experiences mirror what we went through with our insane newborns! I'm just glad I'm not the only one who walks around covered in pee/barf that isn't mine.

Pictures of Magnus next to miles make my day! Is there anything cuter? I think not!

Alison said...

I'm in love as well! Kisses and loves to that baby! Love you sis!

megan&steve said...

Your family of 4 is adorable. Taking Miles to work, church and a hike! These are huge milestones. We are so proud of your family and all of these "firsts."

Emily said...

It looks like Magnus can't wait for him to play outside....cute photos.

Sarah Hull said...

once again tears everywhere! He is so darling!!! I loved everything about this post!!

Sheryl said...

Heartrending my dear! He is dreamy as he is a dream come true and we love seeing it all!!

Christine said...

Love the newborn baby updates. Thanks for sharing! So sweet. Glad you're enjoying him!!

Lindz said...

So happy for you!! I need to meet that little guy!! :)

The Gray Family said...

YAY!!!! So glad things are going well for you guys he is ADORABLE!!!

Rachelle said...

so i just cried over this post. um, i'm a mom and have lost all control over my emotions. i just love brand new babies. they are so sweet!!! erin, he's adorable. so happy you are enjoying the sleep deprived spit up days. they are seriously the best.

and someday lets hang out. for real.

Laura said...

Well were all in LOVE with hearing everything about your amazing new life.

Laura said...

ps would you invite me to your facebook account also? I know from my new last name and brown hair in my picture no one even knows who I am. :) When you have a spare moment.

Heidi said...

You are such a sweet mom! I love all the pictures with Magnus! One day they will love each other :)

I am still so ecstatic for you and your cute family!!


Lacy Rane said...

Love all the firsts. I am so happy you are finally having your turn with the craziness!! Need to come up and see you soon . . . .

Heather G said...

You guys are such a cute family! Glad things are going well and that he loves bath time. That is our favorite part of the day too. Miles and Magnus are the sweetest brothers I've ever seen :)

Money in my Pocket said...

Made me tear up as well! Loved this post and all of it is sooo true at the end, that made me smile! :) Now that you have done a hike and DISNEYLAND! :)