March 28, 2012

9 weeks

Romney and I were talking the other day and asked each other
"do you ever just look at him and have a full heart?"
we both answered-
We love Miles!
He seriously is such a honey.

His smile is adorable.
His cooing melts our hearts.

Things are calming down around here.
I am starting to function better on less sleep.
I am unloading that dishwasher in less time now
and now I can do laundry alone while Romney is at work.
shoooooot, I am blogging.
Things are just getting easier.
I am sad that the Newborn clothes are already packed up.
BUT oh my....
his chubby legs and arms are darling in 0-3 months clothes.
I can NOT get enough of him!


Christine said...

I love his adorable smile!!

Piper said...

Leila is sitting on my laugh jabbering about the baby and ready to knock over my computer trying to "get to" your sweet Miles. So cute!

Rachel said...

Miles is such a beautiful little boy! I'm glad you're getting into your routine. I was so sad when McKay outgrew his newborn clothes that I bought a lot of the same outfits in bigger sizes so I could pretend that they were still the newborn ones. At the time it seemed like a normal thing, but now that I'm typing it that sounds really crazy :o)

Christy said...

Oh hes so cute. You are about to enter into my favorite phase of life where all the adorable chuckles, smiles and sleeping occurs. Its always like a weight gets lifted when they hit around 10-12 weeks and all of a sudden you feel sane again. welcome back! post some videos of him for us when he starts to laugh!

Lacy Rane said...

I need to come see that boy!! And you, of course . . . .

Heather and Dave said...

I cannot get enough of him either, he is DARLING and looks like you and Rom to me. What a sweet babe! Our boys will be roomies at Ricks, I just know it ;)