November 14, 2011

This is one of my F A V O R I T E preschool items!
Romney thought of and created this brilliant little number.

It's just an ice cube tray with little grooves cut out of the sides.
Paper plates weren't cuttin it anymore!
You should make one too.
You'll love it!


Piper said...

I think I WILL make one. (If I can figure out how to cut the tray without shattering it!) We would really put it to good use! Thank you for sharing Romney's wonderful invention!

Christy said...


Alison said...

I'm diggin it! I may have to try it too!

Anne Marie said...

Perfect!!! I love it!

Lacy Rane said...

What an awesome idea! Maybe I will have Scott make one for the girls for Christmas . . . . :)

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Great idea!

megan&steve said...

"mom, is that our paint? Or somebody elses?"