November 4, 2011


It happens to be raining today.
I took Magnus on a walk in between storms while Romney worked on the garage.
This is our BIG project at the moment.
He is building custom cabinets and things are looking awesome!
Romney loves all the fun tools he "had" to buy for this project.
I like the tool that makes all the tiny holes in the wood,
I just love being able to adjust the height of all the shelves.
Pretty soon there will be a place for everything.
and EVERYTHING will be BEHIND doors.

I even have a CRAFT cabinet now with a pretty counter top out there.
It's glorious.


Rebecca said...

This is what I want to do right now....In fact, I just got home from wandering around Home Depot dreaming about what I need to buy and when:)

Sheryl said...

Love it!! After 33 years of marriage I still dream of that kind of Garage space! ENJOY!!

Lacy Rane said...

Awesome! Go Romney.

Christine said...

Nice! I'm sure it'll be awesome :)

Anonymous said...

jealous!! I would LOVE a craft cabinet! Enjoy that space!

The Williamsons said...

Is that my husband in the pic? What a handy man :)