January 9, 2009

Dumb jobs

Working on a "repo" house never ends! This year for one of my new years resolutions is to finish the dumb jobs around the house. Yes the dumb jobs. For example our family room: we painted last year (with an air brush which is the only way to go-fast and efficient) however we also got the paint on the ceiling. So, there has been an inch of green paint on the ceiling that surrounds the entire room. But who really wants to paint the ceiling, its such a dumb job. You have to move everything again and live very messy for a couple of days while it drys just to do another coat! Besides there are so many other things we want to get done that the little (dumb) jobs are not even a priority and we just get used to them. On the tedious dumb job list:
Paint the celing
putty and caulk the floor boards
hem the curtains
paint the kitchen window Sill
paint the two brackets white (in the picture above) for the curtains
Switch out the light fixtures in the upstairs hallway
etc etc etc...
You see they are all very easy tasks, just dumb, however very time consuming! But this year is the year! And we've already accomplished one task being the ceiling! We're already off to a good start (and its only January...sweet) !!!!


Shannon said...

Once the "dumb" jobs are done you are going to feel so great. It's the stuff that you just get used to with out fixing that really make your space feel finished. Even if only you know that they needed to be done. Just know that there will always be stuff on that list. Good luck and have fun.

Carrie and Shane said...

Yes, I can relate, we also have a fixer upper. I suppose I should just be glad I have a place. I'd love to see pictures of what you guys have done.

Heidi said...

Good job! one down many more to go. Im sure you will LOVE it once its all done.

The Texas Links said...

Don't we all have dumb jobs to do? If not--then..whatever. I'm not sure if I'll ever be done with my dumb jobs. They just seem to keep comin'.
(Love that you have The Sundays on your music--it's so 80's.)

megan&steve said...

These can be fun projects to do together! Kind of like a date night?! P.s. this pregnancy has gone by MUCH quicker than my first. Thats kinda why the ultrasound snuck up on us all.

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Those tasks never seem to end right??? And right when you finnish all that you have to dust, clean the blinds, clean the windows, clean the carpets, touch up paint, it never ends. But it is so worth having a house!

Anonymous said...

Your house is so cute!! You guys have done such a great job with everything already! I agree those little things really get on my nerves. I just sit and look at the paint on my ceiling and think "some day..."

Mom/Grandma W. said...

Dont forget to paint behind the toilet :p ...when I come and see the new sandscape i'm gonna check.
Uncle NT