July 12, 2018

Mothers Day Tea Party

Oh my goodness.
My heart could explode from so much joy and love.
I went to thee cutest Kindergarten Mothers Day Tea Party with Miles.
It was full of stations and giggles.
He was such a gentleman, and so excited to have me with him for 2 straight hours at school.
I was equally excited, I have waited many many years to go to a Mothers Day Tea Party.

The first station we went to together was the MOM necklace station.
We worked on and threaded my beautiful purple necklace and Miles was so proud to clasp the back for me. 

The second station I was treated to a manicure by the one and only Mr. Miles.
He picked two colors for me.
A soft peach and baby blue.

He was so happy with his pattern design he created on my  finger nails.
(I did see other moms cleaning up the paint off their fingers but I couldn't. He was so proud)

The third station he served me muffins and juice and he gave me this darling hand print tile.

The last station we made a picture frame together.

 Honestly my heart was so full.
I caught myself getting teary a few times.
Being a mom is so hard, but the very best thing a woman can experience.
He is my joy!
I am honored to be this boys mama.

On one more note....
my two favorites of the day....

1) this ring.
I cant even handle it.
I wore it with pride and will continue to every mothers day until the day I die.

2) this questionnaire.
Miles filling in the blank won me over.
I love his phonetic spelling so much.
I love that he said that  I am really good at "dooing the lonjree"
for those who dont read Kindergarten it says
I am really good at doing laundry.

Oh I love him.

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