May 8, 2018

These Two Cuties

These two.
I just love them!
Naturally as siblings are, they love each other and like to push each others buttons. 

But, they are so cute when they hold hands.

They really do love to be together.

They ask me where the other one is a lot. 

They sit by each other when they watch movies 

and when we take our dog to the vet. 

Miles will always be up for cuddling.
Andie, not so much, 
So when I walked in to see he had held her and cuddled her sleep I almost cried.
It was darling.

Andie will copy every thing Miles does and this includes grocery shopping just like him.

They try to wake up their daddy together 
and read side by side.

They both shared a special Christmas eve together finding out that they have a baby brother coming to join their party.

It doesn't matter if they have had a great day or a rough day,
they ALWAYS end the night with a BIG hug goodnight.

I am so grateful they have one another.
And I'm excited for them to have another
buddy to add to their circle.
The more the merrier.

1 comment:

Trisha said...

So adorable. Isn't it neat to see the relationship grow between them?
Congrats on another sibling for them!!