April 20, 2012

Weeks to Months

I was told that once your baby hits 12 weeks you don't count by weeks anymore. 
You are to start counting by months.

So to keep up with all the baby lingo...
Miles is 3 months!

Miles is 14 pounds
22.5 inches long
He has doubled is birth weight and has grown 3 inches!
Good job baby.
He is such a darling little one.
He is happy and with all his chubby rolls is healthy too.

These past few months have been awesome.
I have enjoyed holding him, soothing him, and singing to him.
I love rocking him in my chair while we stare at each other.
It makes my heart swell just typing that.
I'm so sensitive now.

I love our slow mornings around here.
Once Miles wakes up, I bring him into our bed where we "talk" and smile for an hour.
Then he goes back asleep.
He put himself on this little power nap schedule and I kinda like it.
I get to get ready for the day!
Everyday he is talking more, smiling more and on the brink of laughing.
He likes to be a part of the group and watch kids play.
He always moves that tongue...always!
He like so suck on all his fingers.
His cry is getting louder...OH MY.
Im pretty sure the whole neighborhood can hear when this boy is hungry.
He is starting to interact with his baby gym. 
He is focusing more on toys talking and swatting at them.
He loves baths.
He kicks those chubby legs and arms and splashes the water-its adorable.
He HATES tummy time!
He grunts each time he lifts his head and it sounds like a serious work out session.
But he is getting better and stronger.
The bumbo seat is a wonder!
He hangs with me in the kitchen while I wash dishes.
and I think the bumbo is helping his neck muscles just as much as tummy time.
So if I don't do tummy time one day...I don't freak out.

Miles likes things over his face.
I don't like that. 
It makes me nervous.
 He just goes right to sleep when something so soft hits his cheeks.
Life is settling.
No solid routine yet.
The only thing I know is going to happen in a day is:
He will eat! 
Boy will never miss a meal!
He will nap one hour after being awake from the night,
he will get a bath at some point in the evening,
and he will get mauled with kisses.
That's about it.


Rachel said...

He is just the cutest little guy!

Bethany said...
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jayna said...

He is outrageously adorable! that first picture deserves to be blown up on the wall!!!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you write! So very happy for you guys!

Sarah Hull said...

he is darling and you are darling! Love you friend!

Christy said...

Im going to have to get serious about having another daughter so she can date Miles in College.

Heidi said...

You are such a sweet mommy! I don't think I ever kept track of these kinds of details. I love his diaper picture. I love a baby belly!

Christine said...

Love the updates :) He's such a cutie!

Cassandra said...

He is SOOOO adorable! I am so happy for you!! :)