February 19, 2011

another draft...


Remember our last draft?
Well the same four couples got together again to treat last seasons winners
Congratulations to the Beaulieus who picked the doctors.
They got a yummy dinner.
While we got our grub on, we started our second draft and picked new teams!
RULE #1: Nobody got to pick the Cowboys!
RULE #2: 1st pick goes to the couple who went out first- last season
2nd pick goes to the couple who came in third
3rd pick goes to the second team
4th pick goes to the first team
got it?

Who are you cheering for?...besides the cowboys?
That one is obvious.


Piper said...

How can I get in on this? WE do not have cable- or really TV for that matter- but I LOVE The Amazing Race. I miss it. :(

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of you guys when I started seeing the commercials for this season! haha I have never watched an episode, but you guys make me want to! :o)

Kipn n' Sarah said...

What is the date that it starts? I am going to record it this season :)

Christina said...

That show is still on!?!?

Christy said...

Oh erin, how I love your amazing race dates. So, I am completely alarmed at the thought of the cowboys being eliminated. I do not like the cliffhanger ending of episode one at all!!!! Plus this business with miss abnoxious/texas/usa coming in first is a total letdown. Gabe and I prayed to St Anthony that they would go home first. No luck.

So I am rooting big time for Luke. I have a little crush on him. Especially since he came in last in his man panty swimwear the year he lost. That guy deserves a victory!!!

Other faves:
dating couple

Big time losers:
the asian girl and her dad
the red headed implant beasts
the black sisters ( Although I only hate them for making fun of Luke the year they were on.)

And what the heck? I thought Brooke and Claire would totally be back. bummer.

Lacy Rane said...

Looks fun! Maybe I'll try watching this year . . .

Summer said...

I'm with Piper...how do I get in on this!?!? I KNOW I am nerd enough! HAHA! You guys are so funny!