January 26, 2011

A not so Christmas Morning....

So there I was...alone on Christmas...

This year was a funny one.
My parents went out of town to hold a new grand baby.
Romney had to work Christmas day.
My brother and his wife were spending the day with her side.
At least Magmoo was here to keep me company.

Romney and I planned to celebrate on Christmas Eve this year due to his work schedule.
But....he was called to work Christmas Eve too.
So there I was alone...on Christmas Eve unexpectedly...
Luckily, we have some very nice friends that had me and Magnus over.

SOOO....we finally were able to celebrate Christmas a few days after.
We had a nice morning munching on pistachios and peanuts,
while opening our presents!

Merry Christmas!!!!


Heather G said...

It's all about celebrating with the ones you love - who cares so much about the date?? Glad Mag was by your side though. I'm dying in suspense about what was behind the Styrofoam that made you so giddy??! Do share ;)

Eye in the Sky said...

Eli also worked his 12 hr. shifts on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. If I would have known I would have called you over for some grub and games.

Kurt And Jeana said...

Ah, but look how happy you are to finally celebrate:)