December 10, 2010

1000.00 dollars later....

Just like the ziplock bag says...
This is Magnus' rock.

Because of that rock my dog looks like Little Bo Peep.

Oh Magnus.
Where to begin....
I will first start off by saying that I officially LOVE our dog.
It took me 2 months to say it out loud but its true
I LOVE him.
Now with that being said
The other day we were playing in the back yard having a fun ol' time.
Within 20 minutes he was extra cuddly and tired.
Within an hour of that the throwing up began.
He wasn't eating or drinking.
Just puking.
So sad...So smelly.
He was miserable.
Just before closing I decided I better go see the vet.
They checked him for all sorts of things and did some Xrays.
With the Xray we found the problem...
The freakin dog ate a rock.
The vet sent us home with an anti vomiting shot
and in hopes he would pass the rock by morning.
No, not even close!
They did a follow up Xray to see if the rock had even moved over night.
again, not even close.
So surgery it was.
He came home hours after and cried all night...not fun.
He's back at the vet today for follow up evaluations and fluids and pain killers.
He will come home again tonight!
We have laughed at people who spend money for surgeries on animals...
We are eating our words.
1000.00 dollars later.
I hugged Romney and said
"Thanks for paying to save our dog"
"you're welcome"
Like he did me the favor....
Yeah right, Romney is in love too.


timandkim said...

Glad to hear you are loving Magnus, sorry to hear he got into some very expensive trouble :( I know the feeling and have a very up and down love/hate relationship with my little one but I would do anything to keep him safe and healthy. I have the travel but too, can't wait for Italy!!

Christine said...

Erin, Thats crazy!!

So far Maddie only has had the runs a couple of time (probably from eating who knows what in the backyard) but she's been fine otherwise. She's an opportunistic chewer but so far she hasn't tried to swallow anything she can't chew up first. We've taken away pencils, pens, caps, magnets, paper clips, leaves, sticks, a pinecone, not to mention shoes, socks and homework (if it falls on the floor it's a mad dash to get it first) but so far she never tried swallowing any of it....or so I me eat my words!

Meagan Cooper said...

HAHAHAAA... oh man.... I just barely sent you a facebook message, but this post kinda answers that question...Glad that Magnus is doing better.

sheena said...

Oh my gosh. Makes my stomach to hurt thinking about a rock sitting in it. Crazy dog. Good thing you decided to take him in.

Jenn said...

Dang thats a good size rock, thats why he couldnt pass it! Glad he seems to be recovering alright! :) Chris said Romney was making fun of us when we had to go through this with Chief... now we are even. LOL miss ya guys- hopefully we will see you next week!

Heidi said...

OH MY GOSH!! Im not sure that day will ever come for us in the Shirley house.
$1,000.... seriously?

Lacy Rane said...

I am so glad that he is okay! Talie has been especially concerned . . . she still is! "What is that around his head?" "What is that on his arm?" "Why did he eat a rock?"

Glad Romney did you that favor! :)

Michelle said...

I told you dogs are stupid. :)

The Gray Family said...

oh Erin...this is one of those things that is funny when it's not YOUR dog. Dogs aren't the brightest creatures, although I can see my boys trying to eat a rock as well...we should hang out sometime!

Emily said...

Okay, I was laughing but then I realized how much that cost...GULP is right? How in the world did he swallow that rock?!?!?!?! Our pup eats weeds and sticks. I tell her go for it but I don't appreciate the mess she leaves all over our patio everyday. Gotta love them!!!!

Piper said...

SOOOO glad he is ok!! I would have hated for permanent damage to be done to that sweet little guy. We had a blood-coughing scare with Carter not that long ago. Luckily it was under $200 to fix- Matt was gagging on that amount!

Heather and Dave said...

Dang dogs and their issues. I don't think we've ever gone to the vet and had it under $200. Pills, xrays, creams, surgeries...geeez, I should've become a vet, not a photographer! Glad sweet Magnus is ok. What a scary experience. I love that you love him though...they're totally our furry friends and family aren't they? :)