October 15, 2010

The Amazing Race!

We had a few fellow Amazing Race family lovers over for FHE the other night.
We really did get a lesson in before the chaos.
Post lesson was the DRAFT!
That's right, you heard it right!!!

Everyone pretty much liked their first pick....
The second pick???? Not so much
Some got lucky some did not!

(Thanks Scott for being our Vanna White)

These are the teams!!

Williamsons: Nick and Vicki (tattoos)
Thomas and Jill (cute dating )

Ellsworths: Brooke and Claire (watermelon in face girls)
Chad and Stephanie (tinkerbell and jerk)

Beaulieus: Connor and Jonathan (singers)
Nat and Kat (doctors)

Bagleys: Katie and Rachel (volleyball girls)
Gary and Mallory (beauty pageant girl)

Who are you voting for???


Kipn n' Sarah said...

You guys are the coolest!!! You should be on the Amazing Race for real! And I need to start watching this season :)

Jenn said...

So FUN! I am not watching this season yet, but I guess I should be! :)

PS Scott just started working at my work, did he tell you? I just met Jenn yesterday- super nice!

Christy Beal said...

Oh my heck erin. Why dont we live closer together??? Gabe and I are OBSESSED with amazing Race. We have watched it every sunday night since we started dating!

I am voting for Brooke and Claire for the big win. and praying for the volleyball skanks to get kicked off asap. My runners up for the win are definitley the asian father son team. SO CUTE.

ahhh. good times! I love that you have friends who love the show as much as you guys do - what a blast!

The Texas Links said...

anyone who can take a watermellon to the face like that and live - deserves to winthe amazing race.

Jenny said...

The watermelon to the face was the best tv I've seen in a long time!! I'm hoping they win too. What a fun idea!

Christine said...

I can't believe ours was the first team to get out!!! (In the previews for next week our other team isn't looking so hot either!!) This might be a long season ;0)

Tara said...

Oh my gosh! You guys are soooo fun! I am totally not into this show but, now I wanna keep up with what happens with ya'll's predictions so I might have to start watching it! HaHa. Seriously, what a fun game night! (sort of, huh?) Next step... creating your own Amazing Race course throughout Riverside!?!?! Can you say camping trip anyone? hahaha. Can't wait to see what you two cook up next! *No pun intended* lol <3 ya!

Jessica Garthe said...

Hi Erin! We are huge fans too!!!! We've been watching since season 1. There are a few races out there that are simialar to amaznig race with challenges and such but only single day events, John and I did one a year or two ago and plan on doing one next year. Check out the website, it looks like tons of fun!!!