September 16, 2010


I have been doing a little cleaning
and a little organizing of the closet

and of the face.

Every IVF cycle I break out bad!
So it was time that I got back on my high school regiment...Clinique.
What do you use?
And do you swear by it?
...cause I'm loving Clinique...
I am sorry that I ever left you.


Rachelle said...

eeekkk!! sorry i missed you! but the private thing is annoying. like, everyone kept complaining. so, back to strangers i guess. :)

i use origins products - i LOVE them.

and we need to hang. really, you should come down to the beach. we have no schedule.

HennHouse said...

I've used clinique for about 15 years... I would take something MAJOR for me to switch.

Megahn Kendra Curl said...

My two sisters use origins and they do swear by it.My oldest sis totally does since she always breaks out.

Cassandra said...

I have always struggled with bad skin, and I have bad break outs everytime I'm pregnant and last time it stuck around, which was really depressing. I discovered Mary Kay, and particularly the microderm abrasion, and my skin has NEVER been better. That stuff does wonders! Hope you find what works for you! :)